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1. Terminology used:

TOURIST INFO = SITE administrator,

"USER" = any person or entity who accesses or uses the SITE,

“TOURIST” = USER contacting a TOURIST UNIT listed on the SITE,

“TOURIST UNIT” = entity that offers its services to TOURISTS, through the SITE,

“TOURIST OFFER” = the services offered by the TOURIST UNIT and their price,

“HOTELIER” = the administrator of the tourist unit.

2. Terms and conditions of use:

  • TURIST INFO makes available to each TOURIST UNIT listed on the SITE a space managed by the HOTELIER himself, for the publication of the TOURIST OFFER,
  • By the listing agreement on the SITE, the HOTELIER agrees with the conditions of the Contact Us
  • TURIST INFO provides the HOTELIER with the username and password of the SITE administration account. Through the administration account, the HOTELIER will add / modify / delete details from the TOURIST OFFER displayed on the SITE. The authentication in the administration account is done on the https://kazare.ro/my-account page .
  • All information on the TOURIST UNIT page is provided exclusively by the HOTELIER, through the SITE registration form and through the SITE administration account, so that TURIST INFO cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible for the content posted on the SITE in TOURIST UNIT page. The HOTELIER is solely responsible for the information displayed on the SITE, for any violations of the laws governing the tourism activity but not only, the copyrights of a third party, unfair competition or false advertising. This does not mean that TURIST INFO agrees or tolerates the display on the SITE of information that does not correspond to reality, therefore it will take the necessary measures to correct them every time a USER notifies such a situation,

3. Data protection:

In addition to the data displayed on the SITE by the HOTELERS themselves, with the consent and obvious intention to make them public (name of TOURIST UNIT, name and surname of HOTELIER, telephone number, TOURIST OFFER), we collect the email addresses of HOTELERS and the data of TOURISTS who make SITE accommodation requests (name, surname, locality, telephone number, email address) to make contact between the two parties. We also collect the buyer’s name, address, CUI / CNP, no. The Trade Register, the hotel bank and the IBAN of the HOTELS, data that we use when we issue invoices to them for the services provided, but also navigation data to improve the USER’s experience with the SITE. By browsing the SITE and providing personal data to get in touch with the other party, both as a TOURIST and as a HOTELIER, you express your permission for the SITE to collect and use / process them for this purpose. We take the protection of information, security and compliance with the law on the protection of personal data and privacy seriously and assure you that we will not use it for any other purpose, that we will not share it or disclose it to third parties in any way.

4. Cookies:

When you visit the SITE for the first time, our server stores a certain cookie (information) in your internet browser. On all visits prior to this first visit, the server will ask for the cookie to read it and upload a specific SITE configuration that is best for you. Specifically, our server stores in your web browser the sorts you make in the lists of TOURIST UNITS, the preferences and filters applied, the dates of stay (checkin, checkout) to return them to you exactly when you leave and return to a certain page from the SITE, but also cookies that record the pages visited, the duration of the visit, etc., in order to analyze the performance of the SITE (number of visitors, visits, accesses, duration, etc.). With the help of cookies we can offer you an improved experience with the SITE, without them the navigation would be very unpleasant. By accessing the SITE, you express your permission for it to store cookies in your internet browser.

5. Copyright:

Apartmobiliar is a registered trademark . The existing content on the SITE is protected by copyright law and cannot be copied without the written consent of TURIST INFO.